Go/no go Gauge

A Go-No gauge (or Go/no go) refers to an inspection tool used to check a workpiece against its allowed tolerances. Its name is derived from two tests: the check involves the workpiece having to pass one test (Go) and fail the other (No Go).

It is an integral part of the quality process that is used in the manufacturing industry to ensure interchangeability of parts between processes or even between different manufacturers.

A go/no go gauge is a measuring tool that does not return a size in the conventional sense, but instead returns a state, which is either acceptable (the part is within tolerance and may be used) or unacceptable (the part must be rejected).

They are well suited for use in the production area of the factory as they require little skill or interpretation to use effectively and have few, if any, moving parts to be damaged in the often hostile production environment.

source: gauge

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